I'm starting a project that is inspired by my desire to help women in need beyond what I typically do in a work day. After my “soft launch”, I’m even more encouraged by the enthusiastic response and am ready to officially launch. I couldn’t get my sh*t together in time to launch on International Women’s Day, which admittedly, would have been perfect. Taking my own advice, I am forgiving myself for not being “perfect” and for putting the needs of the mommas and babes who needed in-person support first, rather than spending time in front of the computer. I just finished a fun walk with an inspirational girlfriend and am subsequently motivated to sit and write tell you all about it:

Many homeless women do not have access to feminine hygiene products. Can you imagine what living on the streets without the ability to manage your monthly flow would be like? These women are using paper towels and rolled up socks (without washing machines) and may not even have a change of clothes if they have a leak through.

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I figured I am in the unique position to be able to ask my clients, who currently have no need for the tampons or pads they may have in their bathrooms to donate them. If you are pregnant, you haven’t had a period in a while and if the little is already here, chances are it will be a bit of time before you get to using them again (except for the lovely maternity pads they bestow on you in the hospital - I’ll take those too, if you are done with them). I collect during my home visits, from my group attendees and from a few businesses who are helping me get the word out.

I’m calling the project “Women Helping Women. Period. - ‘Pons and Pads Project” Click on the logo below to see the official webpage.

We all need to do what we can to make this world a better place. This is a simple way that even postpartum moms, who sometimes, understandably, can’t even form a coherent sentence from exhaustion, can contribute and hopefully feel good about supporting other women in a variety of circumstances.

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