You may have just had a baby, but for one moment, can you imagine what it would be like to have to ration your monthly feminine hygiene products or to even go without? Many women facing homelessness, poverty or life transitional challenges find themselves without adequate feminine hygiene products and have to result to methods of handling their period that are at the very least challenging, but can be demoralizing, undignified and unsanitary.

Many organizations and shelters providing services for these women do not have adequate funding (this isn’t provided by the government) to purchase these items for their clients.  These products are expensive and for a woman who has a very limited income, sometimes the choice becomes "do I eat (and feed my family) or do I get a box of tampons this month?"

I’m so lucky to have a job that I love supporting new moms and am inspired to expand my reach in terms of how I can support other women. Since the moms I see are newly postpartum and won’t need the box of tampons or maxi pads that they have on their bathroom shelf for months, I am asking those who would like to contribute to simply pull that box from the shelf and hand it to me as I leave our home visit, as you enter into my office, or when you come to one of my support groups. I am working with several homeless shelters in the Bay Area, delivering quantities that are making a difference. Please join me in making the world just a little bit easier for women in need.