I was never a "joiner" before I had babies. This is probably due to the fact that I always tended towards a little laziness, and more so, if I'm being really honest, I sometimes felt intimidated around other women. Funny, I wound up in this profession, right? I've learned so much about relationships with women since having my girls and now feel a little sad I felt so uncomfortable previously. The depth of connection and support I have been able to find with a variety of women since having my kids is such an important part of who I am and continue to guide me along my path of helping other women.

I had to force myself to join a new moms support group. I had heard they were very helpful, but my emotions were fluctuating, the logistics of caring for a newborn were confounding, and I was just too tired to even get dressed. What I found when I got there was a welcoming place filled with others in the same boat as I was, including the lack of ability to shower before coming. True, our issues were often different, but many of the same themes were underlying our challenges. Looking back, I can truly say those early groups were life-saving.

Today, I’m so lucky to be facilitating a number of support groups, including a drop-in breastfeeding and pumping group at DayOne Baby San Francisco. These groups often wind up being some of the favorite parts of my day. I love spending time with new moms who are getting to know each other. Not only because I can give practical tips and support, but mostly because I learn so much from them. Seeing the babies develop over a period of time is such a joy and I even occasionally will snuggle one or 4 of them, getting my baby fix in (You didn’t think I do this work solely to help mommas and babies, did you? Newborn softness and smell is so yummy!).

So, if you’ve thought about trying a moms’ group, but for some reason, are hesitant, I urge you to reconsider and maybe even push yourself a little. I don’t think you will regret it. You may even make a friend or 7 for life.

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