My husband thinks I have the greatest job in the world.  What’s not to like about boobs and babes?!?  I say that with tongue-in-cheek as he definitely has a great deal of honorable respect not only for what I do in supporting new families, but for the ladies and babies whom he knows are going through a defining time in their existence.  I’m naturally reverent of the newborn (and new family) time and genuinely feel so lucky to get to spend time with new moms and babies in this delicate period.

Since I was once there as a new mom, I have over the years made it a point to come to my work with each new mom thinking about things from her perspective when hiring me. She is inviting a stranger into her home to touch not only her always beautiful and sometimes tender breasts, but to hold and support her precious baby who was so recently released from her body and technically is still fetal.  You know, if we still walked around the earth on all fours, our babies would be inside of us for several more weeks.  Through evolution and all it’s quirks, we decided to walk upright.  Now their little craniums can’t fit through our pelvic bones, so we send ‘em out early.  My point being, from a visceral, biological standpoint, our little newborns still want and need to be connected to us, held close, as if there is no separation at all.  Pretty profound, huh?  I digress…

This is a vulnerable and intimate time for the family.  Given all this, I looked into how I could further ensure for families entrusting me with their care that I have their best interests at heart.  There are definitely things I think that are mandatory for a provider, including CPR certification and flu & Whooping Cough vaccinations, but I wanted to do something a little extra that could perhaps help build emotional trust even before I arrive.  I’m proud to announce I am now registered with TrustLine. 

Check it out: