There are certain experiences in regards to breastfeeding that come up in discussion most often, like nipple pain or milk supply. BUT, there are lots of things that aren't talked about frequently and some of those things can make us pretty uncomfortable, not only to experience, but to talk about, like Breastfeeding Agitation.  I want all moms to feel empowered and unashamed to talk about their entire experience, not only with me, but with trusted nonjudgmental friends. Easier said than done, I know.

Here is a recent post about Nursing Aversion from the Badass Breastfeeder that reminded me of the lesser discussed and therefore potentially scary things that can occur when breastfeeding.  Yeah, we signed on for all this, but it is totally normal to feel like you want to run for the hills every once in a while.  My trick to bring it all back is to go peek at my little ones while they are sleeping.  I'll even lean in to smell their heads.  The visceral reaction reminds me why I do it all.