Happy Labor Day weekend! The summer flew by in my house. We lived internationally a bit, celebrated a few milestones, climbed a really big hill, and surprised the kiddos with a fun road trip. I know it sounds cliché, but I really feel there has been a shift in my perspective on how I move about the world and by extension, how I want to parent. The families I work with are at the beginning of their parenting journeys and I always say how things will continually change as the littles grow, usually just when you are getting the hang of things, or dare I say, complacent :) The truth is, the changes continue as they get older which also allows all of us the opportunity to continually evaluate what resonates most with our values and shift our style to match the needs of our kids and ourselves. The books can only tell you so much and really, would we have been able to perpetuate the human race if we were all making “mistakes” all of the time in raising our kids? Probably not. Going with your gut often allows the space to enjoy your kids without feeling the pressure to do things “right”. Keep asking the questions of your support tribe and the professionals, like your lactation consultant, so you get information to use in your proverbial toolbox and then remember that you are ultimately the one who can make the best choices for your family.

So, in the vein of offering information you can use, back in May, I was honored to be interviewed by Amanda Glenn for her extremely informative exclusive pumping blog. Check out that interview here: Exclusive Pumping Questions (Answered by a Lactation Consultant). While you’re there, definitely poke around her webpage for some education, helpful tips, stories and product recommendations, etc. There is some great stuff there.