I am often in awe.  It is so cool.  I am so lucky to get to do what I do.  Sometimes I giggle to myself about this.  I mean babies and boobs.  What is not to love?  One of the best parts of my job is getting to sit amidst a group of new mommas in my weekly support group. It is inspiring, educational, heartwarming and at times, heartbreaking.  They are finding their way - sometimes that path is extremely twisted and rocky - but they are finding their way and their strength.  I get to facilitate, support, observe and connect. It is amazing and humbling to be a part of this ritual…

…and I do believe it is a ritual, finding support amongst others who are going though a similar transition in life at the same time is pricelessly valuable.  We live in a culture where we don’t see itty bitty babies and their mommas around us much. We aren’t near our sisters, cousins, moms who may be caring for their own new babies.  Yet this is how we as a species have survived the millennia - by learning from others.  So, I believe finding your folk, when you are ready to venture out (and that readiness is defined differently for each individual momma) is critical. I’ve often said motherhood is like a cult you never knew existed until you belong to it, and once you find that group, you can immerse yourself in the connection, or at the very least, learn a thing or two.

Last week, a former client of mine from years ago contacted me to share a piece she had written for Huff Post Parents about the transition to motherhood.  She wanted to tell me that the facilitator she talks about in the beginning of the piece is me. I was so honored to see that, but even more so, super impressed with the content of the article.  She is an amazing writer (much more eloquent than I), not to mention a well-respected therapist. I love what she has to say and I hope you do too:

Motherhood as a Rite of Passage by Dr. Linda Shanti McCabe